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2004 Set up for business

In 2004, Royal Entertainment Group obtained permission to franchise its online gaming business in POIPET Resort, the first to enter POIPET's largest casino.

We start with 1 baccarat table as the first point of the video site, in order to provide our customer experience the real casino feel. Regardless of cost to create the actual casino gaming experience. so that players can enjoy the casino excitment in person even he is playing at home.


2006 One and only in Vịnh Hạ Long

In 2006, Royal Entertainment Group, stationed in the best position of the geographical center of Asia, with a large number of tourists to set up a tourist casino in Halong Bay known as “ Hawaii of the east”. "Royal" obtained the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment issued the official document 953/GPDC3, is the only gaming license in Halong Bay, and the world's only tourist casino located in the world's eight wonders.


2008 Webcast

In 2008, Royal Entertainment Group partnered with Unclelim Online Casino and Genting Casino Malaysia to take the highest technology of webcast technology, direct access to the gambling reality of Genting Casino in Malaysia, we created the highest quality gaming entertainment platform, and obtain high level of praise and support from online members.


2010 Settled in Myanmar

In 2010, We Stationed Win Win and ParadiseClub, a golden triangle special economic zone along the border between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, an oriental style design that is a visible architectural . With up to 150 rooms and panoramic views of the Mekong River, over 100 slot machines! Travelers and gamblers can meet all the needs of accommodation, tourism, entertainment, food and gaming , and the casino is legally licensed and protected by the Government of Myanmar, and is still the first choice for traveling abroad and for gaming entertainment.


2012 Casino public hall

In 2012, We stationed diamond CROWN CASINO, it is located in the south-east of Thailand, near the world-famous gem-stone mine, and is also a tourist attraction within the Cambodian border zone. Members can visit the DIAMOND CROWN CASINO online! Or VIPs can personally come to visit our site .enjoy the VIP Hall to play, you can also play in our public hall to enjoy a small game!


2014 Set up Mclub

In 2014, Royal Entertainment Group and in Myanmar. Mayawady(just across the Mekong River) local casino steaming to provide technical support and video streaming, and high-definition video images are displayed on the Royal Game Entertainment platform for players to bet in real time


2016 Expanded to slot market

In 2016, Royal Entertainment hired Royal Electronics (RSG) which has more than 10 years of slot game development experience. Slot Game in addition to retaining the actual slot machine betting mode, a variety of styles and pictures, the accumulation of winning moments, are widely praised by players from all over the world. Royal Electronics also continues to offer new games to players, securing an important place in Slot market.


2017 Lottery market development

In 2017, Royal Entertainment teams up the most experience engineer to develop lottery. So we can offer various kinds of lottery, including China and Southeast Asia, such as Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay and so on, using the most user friendly interface design, when we launched , customer are very excited , high return rate of lottery betting, small investment big pay, while bringing a lot of new users for the Royal.


2018 New cooperation

In 2018, Royal Entertainment Group partnered with Star Vegas Casino, a popular local casino, to create a new video table for new scenes, offering games such as baccarat, Dragon tiger, Sic Bo, roulette, and bull bull.


2019 Set up Mstar

2019, in Myanmar Mayawady's Royal entertainment partner with the local large-scale casino , located just across the River from Thailand, satisfy both online and live gamblers.


2022 update:

In 2022, Royal has expanded its service offerings with a number of product revisions and game connections.

  1. Live casion: In terms of video network equipment, we have strong monitoring equipment to maintain overall credibility, and we have expanded and updated the décor of the G-club venue. In terms of graphics, we have adjusted the betting interface and game backgrounds to meet players' favorite operation and visual presentation. In terms of staff, more professional and procedural training has been conducted to upgrade your playing experience!
  2. Lottery betting: The lottery betting is expanded, and three more gaming machines are added to provide four types of game play, so that players have more choices to play.
  3. slot games: Slot machines and fishing games with rich themes and diverse gameplay are available, and support multiple currencies, languages and platforms. It helps you to easily enter the multi-country market and expand your revenue.