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Legally established by government

Our gaming casinos, online gaming businesses, are approved by local government laws and competent authorities, with approved certificates, on-site visitors and online entertainment players, are legally protected.

Southeast Asia's larges

Thanks to our company's precise investment vision, excellent blue sea strategy, in 2004,we are stationed in Cambodia POIPET, became the first and the biggest chinese online casino gaming business, more than ten years of operation, the company has become Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia largest game business representatives. First choice for investor and player.

Real casino vision

We operate and cooperate with the casino, Hired well known interior designers to create the most comfortable entertainment environment, high ceiling spacious design, coordination of color and decoration, Let our players feel they are actually playing in a casino.

professional team

We have 24/7 customer service team, over 10 years of live gaming development technical team, and customized background provide statistical analysis reports, with our inter-connection cooperation, you can enjoy royal like honor services and cooperation compensation.